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Question   Very cool gallery!
I shall pay return visits.

- Bill Ying June 09, 2015

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Question   Awesome pictures!
Your pictures are amazing. I especially love the Alaska ones! Also, great job winning the National Photo Awards this month !

- Julie Lee December 19, 2009

  Answer Thanks I am glad u like them, I appreciate the congrats

- kate sherry  December 19, 2009

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Question   Your Photo Gallery
Anyone can take a pretty picture, but few people possess the creative talent necessary to make a photo fabulous. Kate's work captures realism in a way that is not only creatively interesting, but she brings amazing clarity and quality to the process. Thank you for sharing your amazing photographs!

- Rita Rowe October 27, 2008

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Question   This is a cool site
would like to see the photos updated soon

- Katherine Sherry July 25, 2008

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